Covid Protocols – Frontenac Racquet Club 2020-2021

Please enter the club through the main entrance and exit out the court 5 side door.

Please wear masks into the club prior to your game and as you exit.

All games/programs and classes will be asked to stop 5 minutes early in order to clear the court for the next group. Court Curtains will remain closed to limit balls/players from entering other courts. The Snack Bar/Bar area will be closed. The rest rooms will be open.

Please do not assemble in the locker rooms and socialize. No towels will be available. The Nursery will be closed. Members and pros are asked to limit their socializing in the lobby. It is critical during these times to help us keep the employees and members safe so we can all enjoy tennis this fall and winter.

Please contact Frontenac Racquet Club at 314-991-5599 or [email protected]  for more information.