Terry Ward

Inducted into the St. Louis Tennis Hall of Fame in 2016, Terry has devoted the last four decades to growing the game — and finding ways for tennis people to give back to worthy organizations.

But as you come to know Terry over years and decades, you notice that what Terry loves best is teaching. Especially, teaching beginners. He starts a clinic as if he’s hosting a grand party, introducing each new player by name.

You’ll also notice that in the teaching, he does a lot more showing than telling. He’ll see someone struggling and then walk over, tap them on the shoulder. “Watch me,” he says. He models the proper technique, steps out and lets the player step back in. He’ll spend the next few minutes helping make adjustments, until the new person is confident.

And shortly, that new player is hooked on tennis for life.

Terry is the general manager at Frontenac and the force behind the Frontenac Family of Clubs.