“Michael Lesko charmed everyone on the court with his play and personality.”

Just wanted to write a quick note to tell you what a great ambassador you have in Michael Lesko, as I’m sure you’re already aware. 

Kim Marchant asked if I could sub in her 4.5 team practice since my team is temporarily COVID-disbanded, and I regularly hit with some members of her team (e.g., Lotta Fox and Sharon Gunter, to name a couple).  A few hours before the practice, one of her players was called in to work unexpectedly, leaving her short (we all tried finding someone, to no avail). 

Michael is a great ambassador for the clubs, the shop and the game itself!


Walking to the court, I saw Michael hitting with his friends — i.e., he was off the clock — and texted to see if he could possibly be our eighth when he finished. 

He not only saved the day, but he also charmed everyone on court with both his play and personality — and, of course, everyone always wants to know more about someone who does that! — which means I got to brag about the shop, the places, and the programs with which he is affiliated.

You really know how to find and retain talent: Michael is not just a great ambassador for the shop, FRC, and Woodsmill, but for tennis as well — his love for the sport is always apparent!

Thank you!